Twenty classrooms from all over North America connected together in September of 2002 to learn more about one another's community through our local museums.  Museum Connections was born!  From our connections, students began to engage in incredible exchanges as we learned all about one another by examining our own history and the history of our collaborative communities.  Learn more about these incredible schools and their amazing projects by visiting the Museum Connections Project site.

Using descriptive language is an important skill for children to develop not only in our Language Arts development, but also when writing and examining museums and their artifacts.  Looking "deeply" at objects and artwork can be difficult if children are not able to express themselves both descriptively and metaphorically. 

This necessity gave birth to the Monster Pal exchange.  Children involved in the Museum Connections project were given the opportunity to develop more accurate and precise descriptive writing skills to be used later at their museum field trips.  Additionally, children made deeper connections with their email correspondents in other cities, and often other countries. 

The children first drew a "monster" for one another.  Each child then only sent the description to their pal.  The other student then tried to replicate the picture using only the description.  Then the exchange was to be reciprocated and then posted on the project web page for other students in the project to attempt.  Most of all, the kids had a lot of fun!

Global SchoolNet Online Shared Learning Award


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