My Monster

by Jaxen, grade two

Parkdale School

Calgary, Alberta

My monster has a fluffy head that’s orange and his name is Wase.  He has a little green guy sticking out of the fluffy orange guy’s head and the green guy has furry hat on.  There are slimy things coming out of the orange fluffy head and read skinny arms with crab pinchers on the end.  There is a blue thick line with a point on the bottom of the blue thing on top of the blue thing there is a ball with octopus tentacles coming out of it.  It is yellow but there is green around the tentacles on tope there is a red circle with an I ball in it.  On the side is a pattern of blue and orange and they are squares.  There is a blue TV sticking out of the side and it has an antennae and on the bottom of the orange fluffy head are red waves and red lines.







This is Wase!



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