My Monster

By  Kathy, grade 4

Lavizzo School

Chicago, Illinois



To make my monster you must draw an egg for the head.  In the head near the bottom you must draw a curved line going down.  Next, you put two tongues in it so it can look like a mouth.  Then, at the top draw an eyeball, just one.  After that, you draw one string of hair.  Lastly, colour the head green and the mouth and two tongues purple.  After you are finished with everything on the head, you must draw a neck.  When you draw the neck you must colour it green and you have finished the neck.  Next you draw a long sleeved shirt.  At the top of both sleeves, draw a circle and a little circle inside of it.  In the space the second circle left draw lines in them.  In the shirt draw three buttons going down.  On the outside of the bottom of the shirt, draw two squares.  Make one look like a purse and the other look like a microphone.  On the end of each sleeve, draw hands with three fingers and you'll be finished with the shirt.  Colour the hands green, the shirt blue and the buttons, circles, and squares yellow.  Now you are finished with the shirt.  Lastly you must draw the legs and feet.  you must draw three legs and then draw three feet.  The feet must have two toes.  When you are finished with these steps, colour it all green.  To conclude, my monster has an egg-shaped head with a string of hair, one eyeball, a curved mouth and two tongues.  My monster also has a neck.  It has a long-sleeved shirt with three buttons, circles at the beginning of the sleeves with lines, and squares on the side.  Then there is hands on the end of the sleeves with three fingers.  Last but not least, on my monster are three legs and feet with three toes.  The head, hands, and legs and feet are all green.  The shirt is blue.  The buttons, circles, and squares are yellow and the mouth and tongues are purple.  this is how you draw my monster!











Check out my monster!


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