My Monster

By Ciara

Parkdale School

Calgary, Alberta

My monster has two legs that are grey legs and two red, triangular feet and rectangular purple feet on both legs.  She has eight eyes and there are the colours.  There is two of the eyes and the colours are blue, red, and there is two pair of blue, and black.  There are wings and the colours are pink and green.  The green is on the top of the pink.  The pink is rounded at the top of the arms.  There are three black antennae with pink curly hair around them.  She has two blue pointy ears on her head and the colour is blue.  On her hand there is a big red stinger.  The kind of ears is like Frankensteinís.  On the left side of her hip and on the outside of the mouth is jagged.  The inside is black.  The skirt is pink.  The shirt is orange.  On the right there are four purple arms.  There is a brown box on the right side of the pink skirt.  She has a long skinny pink neck.









Check out my monster!



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