Zoes Report on 1950s Toys


My report is on famous 1950s toys. This toy is called the hula hoop and is the most popular American Toy ever made.


I am going to tell you about its history, some interesting facts about the hula hoop and where hula hoop is today. I hope you enjoy my report.


The true origin of the hula hoop goes back more than three thousand years! Way back then, kids in Egypt, Greece and Rome were playing with circular hoops made from grape vines and stiff grass.


During the fourteenth century, a hoop craze swept over England and doctors said that a number of sore backs and heart attacks were from hooping.


In 1957 an Australian company began selling wood rings in stores and got the attention of Rifchard P. Kneerr and Arthur k. Melin of Wham-O toys. Richard and Arthur started Whamo-O in 1948 in a a garage an made slingshots for 75 cents.


Wham-O first introduced the famous coloured plastic hula hoop inh 1958. It cost $1.98 and it was so popular that stores kept running out!


Over 20 million sold in the first six months. One hundred million had soled by the end of that year. At its peak, Wham;-O was making 20 thousand hula hoops every day.


The plastic tubing used for all the hula hoops ever made would stretch around the world five times!


Richard and Arthur sold Wham-O to Kransco Manufacturing in 1982 for twelve million dollars and retired.


In 1994 Mattel bought the toy company and the hula hoop is now back in style thanks to the fitness craze. A new world record of spinning 82 hoops was set by world champion Lori Lynne Lomeli in 1999. The multicoloured hoops now sell for about five dollars.


I learned that the hula hoop is one of the most successful toys ever made. It is also one of the simplest toys ever made. After all, it is just a ring! The hula hoop is just another interesting thing that came out of the 1950s. I hope you enjoyed my report.


By Zoe.