Canadian Television in the 1950ís and 1960ís


My report is on Canadian television in the 1950ís and 1960ís.I am going to tell you about the history of Canadian television, interesting facts on Canadian TV, important shows on early Canadian TV and the future of Canadian TV.


The first TV was invented in 1927 but Canadian TV did not start until 1952.The CBC began TV with two stations, on in Montreal and one in Toronto.Each station showed eighteen hours of TV per week or two and a half ours per day.The first test pattern on CBC was sent upside down.In 1952, only one third of Canadian homes could get TV.The CBC did not show colour TV until 1966.


In 1958, Canada completed the longest TV network in the world.It was 4,300 miles long.The network ran from Victoria, British Columbia to Sydney, Nova Scotia.In 1966, CBCV developed instant replay for Hockey Night in Canada.In 1968, TV cameras were put on a rig so they could move and show different pictures.


Early Canadian TV showed many important programs.One of the first important shows was the crowning of Queen Elizabeth in 1953.Another important show was the first televised federal election in 1957.The first election debate was shown on TV in 1968.News stories on the Springhill mine disaster in 1956 and the Cuban missile crises in 1962 were shown on TV.The show Mr. Rogers started in Canada in 1962.Mr. Dressup was a puppeteer on the Mr. Rogers show.


TVs have changed a lot.In the future, I think TVs will listen to your voice and do what you say.I also think that flat screen TVs will go right into the kitchen counter.


In this project I learned a lot about Canadian TV shows.I also learned some things about Canadian History.I hope when you read my report you learn some things too.


By Sam