Professional Hockey in the 1950ís


My report is on hockey in the 1950ís.I will tell you what hockey was like, some of its history, how hockey is today and what it may be like in the future.I hope you enjoy my report.


In the 1950ís, there were only six professional teams: Detroit, Toronto, Boston, Montreal, Chicago, and New York.It was very rare to be a professional hockey player and all of the players came from Canada.There were only 100 players in the world.


Some famous players were Gordie Howe, Rocket Richard, Ted Lindsay, Jean Beliveau and Bobby Hull.The Montreal Canadiens won five Stanley cups in the 1950ís.My favourite player from the 1950ís is Rocket Richard.


Players did not make much money.They played for the love of the game.Goalies did not play with masks because they were not in vented.Goalie equipment was small and thin and goalies were very brave.Players did not wear helmets and they played with straight sticks.


Today there are thirty teams and only half the players come from Canada.There are over 1000 professional players now.Hockey players make millions of dollars and the game is a big business.Goalies have huge equipment and big fancy masks.They are still brave.All players wear helmets and play with curved sticks that make shots harder and faster.The players are bigger and faster as well.My favourite player today is Brendan Shanahan from Detroit.


In the future the game may have bigger ice and different rules to make it faster and even more entertaining.In the future I hope to keep playing hockey because I love it just like the players from the 1960ís.Some things may change but the game will still be fun and ex citing.That is why they call it the fastest game on Earth.


In this project I learned that hockey is an old game and has an interesting history.My dad and grandpaknow things about hockey that I did not.In Canada hockey is part of our society and I am lucky to live in Canada.I hope you enjoyed my report on hockey.I enjoyed doing it.


By Quinn