Computers in the 1950ís



My topic is about computers.I am going to tell you about how the computer was used in the 1950ís, interesting facts about computers, history of the computer, future computers and the description of the computer.


History of computers

Ada Byron was the first computer programmer in 1833.She used it for doing math calculations.The first computers were even called calculating machines.Early computers could o only a few tasks.An early computer was ENIAC which stood for Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator.In 1964, a US company called IBM made the first word processor.A word processor is a typewriter that used computer technology.


Description of computers in the 1950ís


A computer in the 1950ís filled an entire room and could do only a small number of tasks.No one had a computer in their home in the 1950ís.Only big companies could buy computers.They were very expensive.Most people didnít know how to use computers or even what they6 could do.Computers were used for BIG tasks like helping the space program and keeping track of people information for the government.


How computers were used in the 1950ís


The first computers were made for the American army.Only large companies and the government used computers in the 1950ís.The first computers were very slow.Many people had to type up information on big cards that were then ďfedĒ into the machine.


Interesting facts


In 1948, the glass vales, called diodes, used in the first computers, were replaced by transistors.The three scientists who invented the transistors got the Nobel Prize for physics in 1956.Today computers contain silicon chips, which include thousands of transistors.


By the 1970ís people began buying computers to use in their homes.Computer technology advanced quickly.Computers started getting smaller and smaller.


Future Computers

Almost everyone knows how to use a computer today and most people have their own computer in their house.I think in the future computers will fit in your pocket and you will press a button and the screen will get bigger and the computer will talk to you.


By Lucas