Computers in the 1950ís


My report is about computers in the 1950ís.I am going to tell you about the history of computers, how it was being used before, how computers are today and what it might look like in the future.I hope you like my report.


In ancient time, the first computers were people.They had to do addition and subtraction by hand.Hour after hour, day after day of working, people got tired and were easily bored which results in mistakes.

Then people used tools to ease the work.This tool was called the Abacus. It used beads strung on columns to keep track of calculations.


In 1951, the University of Toronto purchased a computer called FERUT.I had a huge machine filling a whole room.


In 1960, the brain of the computer was as big as a refrigerator.In the 1970ís the brain could be squeezed into a single chip.


Every year, scientists tried to invent computers into a reliable, powerful and inexpensive tool.It continues to become smaller, smarter, and it works faster.

Computers are now being used in the hotels, stores, hospitals, factories, and schools.Schools use computers now as a teaching aid.


People can now work away from their home or desk.They can bring their work in the restaurant, park or away for a holiday.This kind of computer is called a laptop.It looks like a big calculator.


In the future, I bet every person will own a computer.Everyone will depend on the computer like for washing their computers, cooking their food, or shoveling the snow in the winter time.Isnít that cool?


In this report I learned that computers are getting more important to everybody.Because of continued changes in technology, people change too.


What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed reading my report on computers.

By Kurt.