Money in the 1950s


I am going to tell you about Canadian money in the 1950s. I will tell you what it looked like, its value and its possible future.


The paper money in the 1950s was brightly coloured. The one dollar bill was green. The two dollar bill was red. The five dollar bill was blue. The ten dollar bill was purple. The twenty dollar bill was lime green. The fifty dollar bill was red. The one hundred dollar bill was brown. There were no loonies or toonies.


Things did not cost very much in the 1950`s. A hamburger was about thirty cents, bread was about ten cents for a loaf and cars were about a thousand dollars. My grandma earned seventy five dollars every two weeks working in the bank. To buy a weeks groceries it would cost $20.00. It would cost $15 a night to stay in a hotel.


In the future I think that the United States, Canada, Mexico and the South American Countries may have money that looks the same. Since these countries are in North Central and South America, maybe they could call this money the America.


In this report I learned that things did not cost as much in the 1950s as they do now. I also learned that pay cheques were a lot smaller! Canadian money was worth more than money in the United States then. My Grandma worked in the bank and changed money. Also money may often change forms as well as value as times change and the world changes.


By Kayla