My report is about marbles.  I am going to tell you about what they are made of, the history of marbles, and some kinds of marbles games.  I will also be showing some pictures of marbles.


Marbles are small, hard balls made from clay, stone, wood, glass, steel, or any other suitable material.


The Romans invented the marbles.  The oldest marbles go back to 3000 B.C.  The Romans called the game “nuts.”  The ancient Egyptians also played marbles.


In 1846 a German glassblower invented the marble scissors, a tool that could make marbles quickly.  Everyone in Europe and America wanted to but the marbles.


The two methods of shooting marbles are “fulking” and “knuckling down.” The “knuckling down” method is the more accurate method.


Here are some names of marbles games:  Archboard, Bounce About, Conqueror, Dobblers, Eggs in the Bush, Handers, Hundreds, Increase Pound, lag Out, Long Taw, odds or Evens, One Step, Picking Plums, Pyramid, Ring Taw, Spanners and Three Holes.


Here is a simple way to play marbles.  You find a dirt area.  Then you make a circle with a hole inside of it.  Each player puts on marble in the circle.  You take a shooter and try to hit the marbles into the hole.  If you get them into the hole you get to keep them, but only if you are playging for keeps.  If you get the marbles into the hole, you also get to go again. 


Another game goes like this:  you get a string and put it in a circle on the ground.  Each player puts some marbles in it.  You take a shooter and try to knock the marbles out.  If you do, you get to keep them, but only if you are playing for keeps.


In this project I learned that over five thousand years ago the Romans played marbles.  In the 1950’s and 1960’s, the people played marbles, and sometimes, we still play marbles today.

 By Jaxen