Photography in the 1950ís-1960ís


My topic is on photography.I am going to tell you about the history of the camera.


William Talbot invented photography on January 25, 1839.


George Eastman invented the first film in roll form in 1884.He sold his box cameras for $25.It took 100 pictures and then went back to the factory to be developed and new film was installed.By 1888, he perfected the Kodak camera.


In 1947, Dr. Edwin Land invented an instant picture process called Polaroid.In 1963 he invented colour Polaroids.My sister has a Polaroid camera.It is called a Joy Cam.We can see the pict5ure develop in front of our eyes!


My grandma told me that in the 1950ís rolls of film took only eight pictures.They came on a spool and had to be removed in the dark, and put in a box to be sent to the city to be developed.When the pictures came back, they were in a mini photo album, with only eight pictures per album.


Today we have digital cameras.After you take a picture, you can look at it in the camera.These images can be emailed to friends.


In this report I learned that photography has changed over the years.What hasnít changed is that people still like to look at pictures.


By Jared.