Clothing in the 1950ís

My report is on clothing in the 1950ís.I am going to tell you about what clothing was like in the 1950ís, how it has changed and what we wear today.I hope you enjoy my report.


Because of the war in the 1940ís, clothing was more functional than fashionable.Fabric was rationed so there werenít a lot of fancy clothes or styles.There also wasnít much mass manufacturing of clothing.Most efforts went towards the war.lThe 1950ís saw a huge change in society and of course, this included the role of fashion.Years of deprivation and rationing fueled the publicís need to buy.Ready-to-wear, mass marketing of fashions began to boom.Synthetic fabrics, such as nylon, previously only used to make parachutes were used to make everyday clothing.


Girls wore poodle skirts, full skirts with motifs on them (example: a poodle with a leash) and tight fitting blouses tucked into the waist, Capri pants, twin sweater sets, cinched belts, pleated skirts, gigham dresses and bobby sox.Pink was a very fun colour that they people became obsessed with.Some lades wore pink poodle skirts with sequins and poodle pictures printed on them.Pink shirts became popular for men and boys.


Blue jeans became popular in the 1950ís.By 1950, Leviís was marketing jeans with double knees and zippers for people who did not like the button fly and lighter blues, a line of casual slacks for men.Blue jeans popularity was aided by the appearance of Marlon Brando and James De3an on movie screens wearing blue jeans.Jeans as casual wear was not immediately acc3ep63d.Most American high schools banned them.


Clothing, like most other things, cost far less in the 1950ís.Pants went for $1.99 to $2.99 and dre3ssess for $2.99.You could buy t shirts for as little as four for $1.00.


Today some of the clothing is the same as in the 1950ís.We still wear sweater sets, pink Colours, Capri pants and blue jeans.We have many more types of fabric to choose from and things like zippers and laces can be replaced with Velcro.Blue jeans are now very widely accepted and office men and ladies can be seen wearing them on casual Fridays.We also have many more ways to buy our clothing than in the 1950ís.We can buy clothes from a catalogue, at a mall store, from a second hand shop or through the internet.WE can still buy clothing from Sears Catalogue just like they did in the 1950ís.


In this project, I learned that clothing changes as technology changes over the years.But we still like to look back at the fashions of the past and use these ideas in our clothing of the future.I hope you enjoyed my report on clothing.


By Heather