Clothing in the 1950ís


My report is on clothing in the 1950ís.I am going to tell you about how clothing looked, a bit about the history of clothing, and what it might look like in the future.I hope you enjoy my report.


In the 1950ís some things about peopleís clothes were a lot different than they are today.Girl clothes looked really funny and guy clothes had weird designs on them.Girls wore lots of dresses and they had shoes that had pictures like cats, cherries, and flames on them.Most of their shoes had platforms on them.


A lot of the guysí clothes looked the same as they do today.They also had lots of designs on their shirts.They wore really funny shoes that had lots of designs and platforms too!


Both the guys and girls made their hair up funny so that it would match their clothes.A lot of their clothes were styles that they could wear doing things like dancing and bowling.


In the future clothes might look very clean and be very nice.They will never get dirty and will always look nice for school and work.I think that guys and girlsí clothes will always look different though.


In this project I learned that clothes have really been changing over the years.I also learned that clothes that might look funny to us today looked really good to the people who lived back then.In the future people will probably think that the clothes we wear today look funny.I hope you enjoyed my report.


By Eden.