Schools in the 1950ís


I am going to write about schools in the 1950ís and 1960ís.I am going to describe what the people wore, the things that they had in their classrooms, and what they did not have.


What they had

They had desks in a row.They had curly hair.The women were the patrols at school.They had chalk boards in school.


What they did not have in the Classroom

They did not have televisions in their classrooms.They did not have computers at school.They did not email their friends all around the world.They did not have sharing at school.They did not have a special teacher they did not have round tables, they had desks. They did not have white boards.They did not have swimming lessons when they were in school.They did not have smart boards at school.


What they wore

The girls wore their best at school.The boys wore their best at school.The teachers wore their best clothes at school.The girls wore dresses at school†† The boys wore suits at school.They had to wear their best at school.The girls wore little scarves at school.


In this report I learned that things were really different in the 1950ís than they are today.They wore different styles of clothing.


By Ciara