Candy in the 1950ís


In my report I am going to tell you about candy in the 1950ís.I will tell you about the history of candy, the types and what kind of candies they used to have.


The earliest record of candy was 3000 years ago in Egypt.The first candy was made from mixing fruit and nuts with honey.The first candy with sugar cane was in India.Then in the 1900ís candy making became automated with computer controlled machines.


There are four main types of candy.They are chocolate, hard candy, chewy candies, and whipped candy.Chocolate comes in lots of different forms like chocolate bars, caramel, toffee and gum are chewy candies.Hard candies are fruit drops, mints and sticks.Whipped candies are marshmallows and nougats.


In the 1950ís there were lots of kinds of candy.Marshmallow Peeps, Milk Duds, Pez, Eatmore bars, Licorice and Bazooka bubble gym are some that you can still get today.In 1954, the famous Atomic Fireballs were invented.They even had a drink table called Fizzies that you put in a glass of water to make soda.Other candies that they had in the 50ís were BB Bats, EL bubble gum cigars, small pastel candy disks called Smarties, and Blackjack gum.


Another popular candy in the 1950ís was Good and Plenty that was known for its TV ads with Choo Choo Charlie.Double Bubble gum was also around and had the first bubble blowing contest on television that was judged by the president of double Bubble.


Ion this project I learned a lot.There are more types of candy than I though.I hope you enjoyed my report.


By Christian.