1950 and 1960ís Cars


I am going to tell you about 1950 and 1960ís cars.


1950 and 1960ís cars did not have power stuff like windows and locks.1950 and 1960 cars did not have seat belts.Some cars had radios except you would have to have a lot, and I mean a lot, of money to have a car with a radio.

Over time, cars got smaller.†††† In the 1950 and 1060ís cars used to be big and had big engines and used a lot of gasoline and it was expensive.Today gas is very expensive and it is very important to us.


One time I think the first car invented a car that had three wheels.I think it was a general, Iím pretty positive it was a general.


In this report I learned that there were no seatbelts in their cars.

By Bryce