Clocks in the 1950ís


My report is on clocks of the 1950ís.I am going to tell you about the history, some interesting facts about the clock, what clocks in the 1950ís looked like, what its like now and what it may be like in the future.


In ancient times, people had no clocks.So people used candles, water clocks and sand glasses to keep track of time.During the day the people used sun dials and at night they used stars to tell the time.


Candles, water clocks, and sand glasses were too much work.Nearly 700 years ago, the large mechanical clocks began to appear I the towers of several large Italian cities.The weight clock was the firs kind to be made.The frames of the clock were made of iron and decorated.


In the 19th century the first pendulum clock was made.Later in the century, the spring clock was made because peopled wanted smaller clocks and watches.In the 18th and 19th century, clocks were improved to have higher precision.


Nowadays, we have electric clocks and battery clocks.A digital clock uses electricity or a battery.In stead of hands it has changing numbers to show time.

Todayís standard is set by the atomic clock.In 1955 the first atomic clock was built in England.In the 1950ís, most clocks were spring driven.


In the future, the clock will change with the change of new machinery like computers and electronic appliances.

By Alcina