Cars in the 1950ís


My report is on cars of the 1950ís.I am going to tell you about what cars looked like in the 1950ís, the history of cars, what cars are like today and what they might be like in the future.I hope y9ou find my report interesting.


In the 1950ís cars were quite big.Some cars had fins on the back and almost all had large white wall tires.Some cars had signal arms on the sides for turn signals, many cars had a car radio, but none had seatbelts.


The engines in cars were very big and not very fuel efficient.Cars did not have power locks, power windows or air conditioning like they do today.


Cars have actually been around for a very long time.In 1769 a French Army officer, Captain N. Cugnot, made the first car.It had three wheels, steam power and top speed of 2 miles per hour.When the first cars came out they were called horseless carriages because cars are self propelled vehicles.These cars had room for the driver and maybe one other person.Today cars are built to carry the whole family and there are usually two cars in every family.


Henry ford was the first mass producer of cars.He invented the first car assembly line to produce the Model T.Ford cars are still very popular today.The first cars were started with a crank turned by a person.Later, drivers used a key to start\ the engine, and now w\some cars can be started with a button from the house!


Cars have been very important since there were first invented.The first cars were used to get places faster than a carriage.Over time cars allowed people more freedom to travel to places farther than their hometowns.Not all families had cars in the 50ís but if they did they only had one.


Because cars are driven mainly on roads, building and maintaining roads has been very important to our society.The car has brought bad things too.Air pollution, car accidents and noise are just a few of the bad things.


We have already learned that cars of today hole more people, have lots of power features, more fuel efficient engines and cars today are safer with things like seatbelts, airbags and better brakes.In the future, cars may no longer use gasoline and they might 4even fly in the air!


In this project I learned that cars have been around a long time. In the 1950ís the cars were pretty big and their engines were too.Over time, cars have become safer, more efficient, better to use, and used by everyone.I hope you enjoyed my report about cars of the 1950ís.


By Ryan