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Student Reflections

What a wonderful journey! 

Read more from these grades two and three students to learn what we all learned from this learning adventure!




"We asked all the kids in our class to bring some 1950's stuff from their parents so we could make a museum.  It was cool because we went searching on the computer to find history about cameras, clocks, dolls, toys, marbles and everything.  We learned that back then they didn't have digital cameras or digital watches or clocks to wake you up in the morning.  They didn't even have computers.  Towns were so small that they knew everybody.  I liked making this museum because you got to take pictures like claymation and to tell everybody all around the world about the 1950's and we're also telling them about museums."  By Jared, grade two "In this project we talked to museum experts.  We were chatting to them on the Internet.  I liked typing them messages to the experts.  I asked them "do you have two floors?" and "do you like your job?" and "do you wear gloves with most of your artifacts?"  I learned that you handle the artifacts with two hands and you have to be careful and most of the time you have to wear gloves so they don't make fingerprints on the artifacts.  Your fingers have oil in them and it makes it have lots of fingerprints.  I liked sharing this project because it was fun and I feel a little bit like a teacher."  By Valerie, grade two
 "We made museum.  We got lots of desks and some black sheets to put on top of the desks.  We brought artifacts from the 1950's from home and we made made history in a can projects.  The history in a can project we told other people in the school some things about what we were studying.  We got some sentence strips and we wrote up information that we found on the Internet and book about our topic.  Then we got some pictures to decorate our can with.  I liked doing the pictures because it was kind of fun getting them off the computer with my grandpa.  My grandpa told me that cars were kind of big in the 1950's and that cars were not as flashy as they are today."

By Ryan, grade two

"This year we went to museum school and learned by looking at the different kinds of artifacts.  We learned that artifacts tell us different things.  In the past in school you had to wear fancy things.  That is different from today because now we can wear whatever we want.  By having different areas at the museum we learned that we had to collect artifacts and then put them into exhibits." 

By Ciara, Grade three

"I learned that computers were really big in the 1950's.  Kids didn't have computers in their classrooms in the 1950's.  A company usually had a computer.  People were the first computers.  In the 1950's ice cream was only five cents.  Today it two dollars!"

By Kurt, grade two

"My favourite thing about our project was when we started putting the museum together.  It was fun because we liked sharing it with the school and we are going to show it to the world.  It makes us smarter because we get the information and we made a virtual museum to share.  I am kind of like a teacher now!"

By Quinn, grade two

"I really liked going to museums because it's fun learning about what artifacts were used for.  You can learn that you can't touch the artifacts because our hands have oils on them.  I learned that a lot of people are killing our animals and if we keep doing that we'll have none left.  Things have really changed over time."

By Kayla, grade three 

"I liked making this website because you can teach people about what we have been studying.  We learned about First Nations People, the 1950's, and dinosaurs.  Museums helped us learn about all of those things.  People can see cool artifacts and our work and learn about what we are studying.   They can also learn how to make their own museum."  By Bryce, grade two
"Museums have lots of interesting stuff.  You can learn about time and what it was like back then.  We talked to Kim, Richard, Kevin, and Beth.  They were museum experts.  They taught us how to handle objects, and they told us about their museums and if they were big or small.  The museums were really different.  Some could hold three city blocks worth of stored artifacts.  At the Glenbow they only have three floors of storage!  They live in different cities and if we didn't get to talk to them on the Internet then we wouldn't be able to learn about their museums." 

By Zoe, grade two

"i liked making our museum and I liked taking all of the pictures of the artifacts.  It was fun taking the pictures.  Other people can learn stuff that we did that maybe they didn't know.  I liked talking to the museum experts.   I liked how the expert from the Japanese museum talked about how the Japanese people  buried their dead people.  She talked about Pagodas.  I liked that.  I also learned that museums are important because so you can learn about how things look different and about the past."

By Heather, grade two

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