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Museum Experts

This has been a wonderful journey for our students.  We have had the opportunity to collaborate and connect with students and experts from all over North America.  Through our Museum Connections project, students have had the opportunity to connect with the following incredible museum experts in our chat room.  A special thank you to all of these incredible experts!


Robert L. Hall
Associate Director for Education
Anacostia Museum and
Center for African American History and Culture
Washington, D.C. 


Kim Irving
Glenbow Museum Outreach Coordinator
Calgary, Alberta, Canada 


Kevin Heller
Assistant Director of Education for Instructional Programs
The Newark Museum 
Newark, NJ 


Richard Efthim
Naturalist Center
Smithsonian Institution,
Leesburg, VA


Beth Kawazura
Morikami Museum and Japenese gardens
Palm Beach, Florida 


Gale Parsons, Director of Education and Exhibits
Pratt Museum 
Homer, Alaska  


Stephen Kenney, Ph.D.
Director, Commonwealth Museum 
Boston, MA 


Kathleen Curtin
Food Historian/Associate Director of Visitor Advocacy
Plymouth Plantation,
Plymouth, MA 


Gloria Chernay
National Museum of Natural History
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, D.C. 



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