Join us as we discover the power of virtual fieldtrips in online learning projects.  Discover existing projects, ways to connect with other schools and teachers, and how to use Virtual Reality Technology to create virtual field trips for students around the world!

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Michelle Speight is an Innovative Learning Specialist and Kathy Wajda is a technology specialist and teacher-librarian for the Calgary Board of Education in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Michelle and Kathy are also  Telus Lead Teachers. In this role, Michelle and Kathy provide support to teachers throughout the system helping to enable teachers to have a better understanding of integrating technology in the curriculum.  Michelle and Kathy's special interest is in creating telecollaborative online learning projects with learning communities all over the world.  If you or any other colleague is interested in becoming involved in a telecollaborative project and would like to learn more about how, feel free to contact Michelle Speight at  and Kathy Wajda at

 Global SchoolNet Online Shared Learning Award

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