Are you looking for a way to get started?  Are you looking for a partner classroom across the Country, the Continent, or even the world? Keep this things in mind...

  1. Consider... what curriculum do you want to teach with this project?  This should be your starting point.  (Is it Social Studies?  Mathematics? Is it a combination of subject areas?)

  2. Consider... what theme or project-based activity can you begin to help teach this curriculum? (Choosing the theme... the "Arctic," "Geometry all around us," "Kindness, piece by peace.")

  3. Consider... how can connecting with another classroom enrich what you are already doing? (connecting with Inuit children as a part of your study of the Arctic, exchanging geometric artwork as a part of your math unit, exchanging and sharing random acts of kindness as a part of your social studies or health unit.)

  4. Consider... what are the resources that are already available to you? (Teachers in your school or school district who might like to participate, colleagues who know other teachers in other districts, technology support within your district, collaborating at conferences...)

  5. Consider... how can I find a partner classroom?  (Human resources, using project websites to help you "connect,"  sending out numerous, anonymous emails to schools and school districts.)

  6. Consider... what technology am I hoping to meaningfully integrate into the project?  Is the technology "worth it?" (Looking for ways to meaningfully connect technology to what you are already skills with correspondence, word processing with writing exchanges, paint programs as a part of art exchanges.)

 These sites can also help you get started!

  • Telus 2Learn An outstanding Canadian resource site including resources for teachers and students, funding and opportunities to view or join collaborative projects

  • Global Schoolhouse Collaborative projects, communication tools, professional development

  • I*EARN International Education and Resource Network - Projects and learning resources

  • Kidlink Global Networking for Youth 10-15
  • Oz Projects Online projects for students and teachers
  • Kids Web Comprehensive digital learning resource library and information portal
  • Let's Go Around the World "Great Learning Adventures" to various regions of the globe
  • NickNacks Telecollaborative Join Internet collaborations or publicize your project.
  • SchoolWorld Internet Education  Global Internet Classroom with projects, programs and resources.


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