Welcome to our journey into the history and customs of the Blackfoot or Siksika people.  The grades two and three students of Parkdale Elementary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and and students from twenty schools from all over North America are involved in an exciting telecollaborative project called Museum Connections.  The students will be using this website to collect information, videos, and photos all about the Blackfoot or Siksika people.  They will be putting all of their information together into a Power Point using a template created for them.  If you would like to create your own Power Point using our template, just click here.  Save it to your computer, open it up, and follow our web quest!  Have fun learning with us!


Teachers, if you and your students would be interested in posting your own Power Point presentations to this project, please contact Michelle Speight at mmspeight@cbe.ab.ca We would be happy to add you and your students to this project!

Global SchoolNet Online Shared Learning Award

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