Powwow in Kamloops, B.C.

August 2002

If you would like to look at some more videos of powwows, take a look at this site!  You can see dancing and interviews.  All you need is Real Player to view these videos.


Recently we had a very special visitor to Parkdale School.  Otacimow is a Cree storyteller, singer, drummer, and dancer.  His visit to our school was very special.  We had the opportunity to learn more about the First Nations people and many of their special traditions from Otacimow's incredible visit.  Please visit Otacimow's website to find out more about his special performances for schools and groups all over North America!



Click here to go to Otacimow's website!



Would you like to see some movies of  Otacimow?  Click here to see them!

Otacimow drumming

Otacimow storytelling

Otacimow dancing the Men's traditional dance

Otacimow hoop dancing 

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