Room 3's Arctic Quilt


We worked very hard on these beautiful quilt patches!  The children thought about all of the interesting things that they have learned about the Arctic, and each made a small patch out of fabric.  This portion of our quilt will be added to our 2001-2002 year quilt.  Here are some of the pictures of the quilt.


wpe2.jpg (26783 bytes)      wpe7.jpg (27812 bytes)     wpeA.jpg (31512 bytes)    wpeC.jpg (37621 bytes)

wpeD.jpg (23424 bytes)

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These are pictures of our quilt so far.  It features our study of mammals.


wpeE.jpg (21591 bytes)

wpe14.jpg (22943 bytes)   wpe1A.jpg (24658 bytes)   wpe1C.jpg (25339 bytes)

This is a picture of the two portions put together.  We will be adding more sections as our year progresses.  Check here later for an update of our incredible work!

wpe11.jpg (41280 bytes)

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