Our Correspondence With our Pen Pals

Netsilik School

The children have really enjoyed writing to one another using email. We have learned a lot about one another and have made new friendships in the process!  The students in Calgary recently sent friendship bracelets to the students at Netsilik School in Taloyoak, Nunavut.  Check out some of the interesting questions and answers we have received from one another!


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Our Pen pals

Hi my name is Mikala.  I would like to tell you about our pen pals.  My pen pal is named Swen.  He lives in Nunavut.  I asked him if he had caught a whale.  He reply was "I haven't caught a whale but my dad has."  another thing I asked was if he still used the same tools.  Now you don't know what tools they use.  Would you like to know?  There is the snow knife, snow goggles, special knife to cut their food, a harpoon, and the story knife.  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I hope you learned a lot during this speech.  I really liked telling you about our pen pals.  Thank you for listening.



Click on on these pen pals to see what we have learned from one another... so far!

Mikala and Swen

Nicole and Maria

Miss Speight and Ms. U

Darren and Jeni

Stella and Madison

Connor and Mary Ann

Riley and Jonathan

Diane and Christian

Emily and Renalda

Chloe and Sabrina

Alexander and Rowan

Paulou and Kristian








Dear student 

What is your name? Have you caught a whale in a while ?  Is your teacher nice?  Do you still use tools like a bow drill, snow goggles, snow knife or a soapstone lamp? 

 From Mikala  

Parkdale School, Calgary


Dear Mikala

My name is Swen.  No I didn't catch a whale but my dad has caught about 4.  yes my teacher is nice.  My dad have catch polar bears.  my day has a bow drill, snow knife, snow goggles, and so do I but mostly we wear sunglass.  We have a soapstone lamp for camping.  We use modern tools for hunting and fishing.  Is there a zoo in Calgary?  Are you a boy or a girl?  Do you live in a house? Do you have any pets?  I have a dog named Stormy.  

From Swen

Netsilik School, Nunavut


Dear Swen,

I am a girl.  I live in a house.  I have two guinea pigs.  I go fishing except not in ice covered water.  i would really like it if you can send me a picture of your dog.  Would you like me to send you a picture of my two guinea pigs?  In my classroom we have a milk jug igloo.  In my classroom we are making inukshuks.  In your next letter could you please write a sentence in Inuktitut?  Do you have a brother or a sister?  Are you a boy or a girl?



Dear Mikala,

I will send you a picture of my dog just as soon as my teacher can take a picture of it with a digital camera.  I would like a picture of the guinea pigs.  What are the names?  i have 4 brothers and 1 sister.  she is getting married December 8.  I am a boy.  I am 8 years old.  How old are you?  


Dear Swen,

 Here is a picture of our class guinea pig I am sorry that I could not send you a picture of my own guinea pigs.  there are two pictures attached to this letter.



Dear Mikala

I like your pictures of the guinea pigs.   My cousin also has a puppy.  My sister just got married on December 8., 2001. Do you live in a log house.  Do you ride horses to school.  Do you have tv?.  We have cable tv.  We get 34 channels.  How many tv channels do you get?  My teacher has a satellite dish with 300 channels. 









Dear student,

My name is Maria.  I am 8 years old.  I am a girl.  I always pack my little sister.  I like to play with my little brother and my sister.

From Maria

Netsilik school, Nunavut

P.S. From Teacher

Maria and some other children carry their siblings in special parkas.  The hood is made to accommodate a baby-about a three year old.  the girls start very young carrying dolls, then little puppies and then babies.

Dear Maria, 

How cold is it?  .My name Nicole. Do you have a sled dog? Have you ever caught a whale?

From Nicole.



Dear Nicole

It is very cold.  My dad hunts.  He caught a whale.   We have one sled dog.  Do you have a Christmas tree?  Does you mom wor?  My mom works at the coop.  My dad hunts.

From Maria






Hi Miss Speight,

Peter  passed your e-mail to me.  I teach P3 in Taloyoak at the
Netsilik school.  I am the students first English teacher.  I will send
you information and will try to get some of the students to correspond with
our class. Netsilik means people of the seal.  Most of the town is Inuit with about
8% non-Inuit.  I came here 3 years ago from  Alberta.

Ms. U

Netsilik School, Nunavut


Dear Ms. U,
Thank you so much for your email!  I am so excited to have heard from you!
How amazing that I should get in contact with a fellow Alberta-nite!  Your
kids can email me at my school . We will respond to your letters with their own personal addresses.  

I am so excited! Thank you so much for your quick response.  Hope to hear from you soon,
(by the way... what does p3 mean?  grade three?  Where about is
Taloyoak as compared to some more well-known landmarks?... thanks again!)

From Miss Speight

Parkdale School, Calgary


Dear Miss Speight,
P3 means that my class can have students who are anywhere from K -3. 

Taloyoak,  means caribou blind.  Originally the name was Spence Bay.  Our
community has been in existence since 1949.  The people moved here from Fort
Ross (which was 200miles to the north) or were taken off the land and the
nomadic  life.  We are 300 km. north of the Arctic Circle, on the Boothia
Peninsula.  We are the farthest community north on the mainland.  We are in
an earthquake zone.  With one good shake we could become an island.  We have
had snow and cold weather here since September.  The Arctic Ocean, which is
right out the back of the house,  froze over 6 weeks ago.  We get most of
our goods by air freight or barge (once a year).  A can of pop costs $1.75
now.  But it costs $3.00 just before the barge comes in September.

Ms. U




Dear student, 

My name is Jeni what is your name?  Do you have a sister I do.

How many animals do you have?  I have one cat.  I used to have too cats. How old

are you?  I am 8. Have you ever went hunting  and caught something?  Have you ever

made a Igloo?. Do you still use the same stuff?  Do you guys still use sled

dogs?  We have a hamster named Billy

From Jeni

Parkdale School, Calgary


Dear Jeni

My name is Darren.  I have 1 sister and 2 brothers.  I have 1 dog named pup.  I am 8 years old.  I went hunting caribou.  I never shot one.   I have never made an iglu. We use Hondas and skidoos to get around.  Did you see santa? 


Netsilik School, Nunavut






Hi student,

My name is Stella. am an 8 year old girl.

Do you have sisters and brothers? My mom teaches at my school.


Netsilik School, Nunavut


Dear Stella,

I do have a  sister.  My name is Madison. Do you have a sled dog?. Has your

dad caught a whale?. I like your name. What is your favourite candy?.

From Madison

Parkdale School, Calgary


Dear Madison

Hi,  we have one sled dog.   My favorite is lollipops.    We live with our grandparents.  How come Calgary is called cow town?  Are there lots of cows there?. 








Hi my name is Connor.

I would like to know how cold it is in winter? Would you write a sentence in Inuktitut for me? Do you know how to speak

English? Have you ever seen a polar bear? Has your father ever gone out hunting

to catch seal for your family? Do you have a brother or a sister? What school do you go to? 

From Connor

Parkdale School, Calgary


Dear Connor,

It gets very cold. right now it is warm. It is only -13. yes I speak

in English and in Inuktitut. I don't know how to change to write on the

computer. I have never seen a polar bear. But my father hunts seals and


caribou. He gores for fish and seals and rabbits too.


Mary Ann

Netsilik School, Nunavut


Dear Mary Ann 

Has your Dad ever caught a whale and can you write in Inuktitut? Do you

have a sled dog? Do you still use the same tools as you did in the olden days

like the snow knife?



Dear Connor,

Yes my dad caught a whale.  We cannot write in Inuktitut on our computers.  We have sled dogs.  We use them in the spring.  We use modern tools just like people in the south.  Do you still use horses to get around?  Do you live in a log house?







Hi I'm riley.  

What is the weather?  What toys do you have?

From Riley

Parkdale School, Calgary


Dear Riley

I have Lego..  How about you? The weather is good.  We have lots of snow. 
The ocean is frozen over and we can ride on it.    How old are you?


Netsilik School, Nunavut







Whet is your Name? My Name is Christian. Is it fun in Nunavut?
There are two Christians in my class.   One of the Christians are me and
the other one is Kristian.  I am six. I have a brother do you?

 From Christian

Parkdale School, Calgary


Dear Christian,

My name is Diane. could you put an initial with your last name so that
we can tell the two Christian apart?   I have 2 brothers and 5 sisters.  do
you go swimming? Are you having fun? Do you have any pets?  I have a dog.
do you have any sisters?


Netsilik School, Nunavut

Dear Diane
 I got one brother.  I Have two dogs and one cat And 4 gold Fish.
I don't have any  sisters.
From Christian

Dear Christian
Can you send me a picture of your family?

From Diane







Hi student,,

Have you been in a igloo? Are they cool? Do you have a t.v.
do you go swimming?  What is your name? My name is EMILY!

From Emily

Parkdale School, Calgary


Dear Emily

My name is Renalda.  I been in a igloo.  I like it in an igloo.  My dad catch
3 little baby fox.  I like to go to the swimming pool.  My dad catch mama
fox.  I been using sunglasses.  I know Taloyoak and I saw a baby fox.
Is your teacher nice?  Do you have any brothers or sister? 

.from Renalda
Netsilik School, Nunavut

Dear, Renalda,

 What is a igioo like?  I have a little brother.  Do you
have a computer? I do not.  .My teacher is nice. In my classroom have a milk jug

From Emily

Dear Emily

An iglu is very nice.  It is warm inside.   I do not have a computer.
but we use the schools computers.  I have 9 siblings.  3 brothers and 4
sisters.  Do you have any?  How old are you?  I am 8.  Today is my
birthday.   Did you ever go to Cambridge Bay?   I have been there lots.


Dear Renalda 

I have one brother he bugs me a lot. I have not been to
Cambridge bay.  I am 7. 

From Emily


Dear Emily
Have you been to Yellowknife?  My sister was in Edmonton.   Do you have a
dog?  My dog died.








Hi my name is Chloe.

The way you live I think is interesting.  Do you go
hunting with your dad or mom?  Have you ever seen a polar bear?  do you
still use tools?  Do you have candy?  What is your favourite candy?
from Chloe, 

Parkdale school, Calgary

Dear Chloe
My name is Sabrina.  Yes it is very interesting! I go hunting with my
mom but not my dad.  He is in Ottawa.  Once my dad went ice fishing  he
caught a big bass.  He threw it back.  My mom and uncle said 'non, no we eat
fish.  I really like arctic char.  Yes we have lots of candy.  My favorite candy
is worthers.  Have you ever been to Ottawa?  Do you know how to make
bracelets?  Would you like me to send  you one?  What colour would you
You need two colours   white yellow green pink dark red dark and
light blue.

from Sabrina

Netsilik School, Nunavut


Dear Sabrina
I would like if you would send me a bracelet.  The
 colours I would like are light blue and pink. Did you know that there
is a TV show called  Sabrina? I know how to make bracelets.  Would you like me to
make you one? These are the  colours  blue pink purple, green, yellow,
orange, and that's it.  I have two cats.  I hope your write soon, Chloe  p.s. my
favourite candy is those little gummy coke bottles. I have never been
to Ottawa

From Chloe

Dear Chloe
I would like a green and  yellow bracelet.  I have been to Calgary once
or twice.  I was 4 years old.  My teacher has a grandchild named Chloe.
She was the new years baby last year for all of southern Alberta.  She was
born in Lethbridge.   I was born in Ottawa.  where were you born?   How old
are you?  I am 7 and 1/2.

From Sabrina

Dear Chloe,
i have two sisters and one brother. I made you a bracelet too. It is light
blue and pink.  do you a have a pet?  I have a white dog named Kimmy.  whats
  your pets name?

From Sabrina

Dear Sabrina 

I was born  In Calgary .  I am 8.  I have already made you a
bracelet. This  weekend I am going to buy you a present. Why I was not talking
to you in so long is because my last letter got erased. do you have a brother
or sister  

From Chloe





Dear student 

I was wondering if you could write a story about the artic.
How cold is it. Have you ever seen a polar bear? I have much interest in the
Arctic.  I will see you later.

From Rowan

Parkdale School, Calgary

Dear Rowan
Yes I seen a polar bear.  It was big.  My dad caught about 3 polar bear.
1 was a baby.  The mother had a baby inside it.
Yes it is cold , but not much.  Its about -26C with a windchill of -38C.
It gets colder in January and February.  How old are you? What does Calgary
look like?
from Alexander

Netsilik School, Nunavut


Dear Alexander

 It is winter right now in Calgary it is usually hot. I'm 8
years old how old are you? What does the Arctic look like. I always wanted
to go to the Arctic. Calgary has a lot of trees.

 From Rowan

Dear Rowan

The Arctic has trees too.  But they are very small.  We walk through them
every summer.  They are only about   10 cm tall.  We have Arctic willows.  
I am 8 years old too.  I would like to go to Calgary someday.  My teacher
goes to Calgary lots.  She has a brother and a sister who live in Calgary.
Have you been to the zoo?  Do you go hunting?  I go hunting for caribou
with my dad.  I have shot a caribou last year.









Dear student.  My name is Kristian.  What's your name? Is it fun in
Nunavut?  I have a brother do you? 

From Kristian

Parkdale School,  Calgary

Dear Kristian

My name is Paulou.  Yes it is fun in Nunavut.  I have 2 brothers.  I have 2
sister too.  Do you have any siblings?  What's in Calgary?  What kind of
stores are there?  How does Calgary look?

From Paulou

Netsilik School, Nunavut







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