The students of Parkdale Elementary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada have been learning all about Nunavut together with the students from Leo Ussak elementary in Rankin Inlet, Netsilik Elementary School in Nunavut, Canada and Range Lake North School in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

Find out more about what we have been learning in our study of the Arctic and the Inuit people. 

Find out more about...

the igloo we made in our classroom

the hunting settlement we made

the Inukshuks we made and what they are

the plays we wrote as we retold Inuit legends

the incredible puppets we made

the backgrounds for our plays that we made 

the Arctic alphabet we created with kidpics

our incredible Arctic Quilt!   

the Qallupilluq and our own Mythical creature stories!  

our amazing Arctic movie with our beautiful voices singing O Siem! 

where Rankin Inlet is

Nunavut's flag and coat of arms

some poetry about the Arctic  

what are our needs and wants?

see some great links that we have found about Nunavut

Inuktitut- the language of the Inuit!  

the amazing throat singing of the Inuit!  

an amazing slide show about Polar bears from Altadore Elementary

amazing pictures from Ms. Turner's special education class at Leo Ussak Elementary in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut.

The amazing things we have learned about each other through email correspondence  



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