Students from Parkdale Elementary School in Calgary, Alberta, Canada have been learning a lot about the people, animals, land, and the life of the people of the Northwest Territory.  Students from Range lake North School in Yellowknife, and Netsilik School in Taloyoak, Nunavut have been corresp0nding by traditional mail correspondence and email with Parkdale Elementary to learn more about one another.


Click on these links to learn more about:

The amazing things we have learned about each other through email correspondence  

Our movie all about the Arctic with the beautiful singing of Susan Aglukark and Parkdale elementary students!  

Our incredible Arctic Quilt    

The incredible N.W.T. booklets that students at Range Lake North School created  

Great websites we have found about the Northwest Territory

Stories Parkdale students wrote about exploring the Arctic

Links between Nations: The First Nations People of Alberta and the Inuit of the Arctic by Woodbine Elementary and Canyon Meadows Elementary



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