In our project many students from all over North America have joined hands in a learning adventure!  We have shared our knowledge and taught each other something about ourselves and how we see the world.  Students from Parkdale Elementary have begun preparing a booklet all about Alberta to exchange with our friends in the Northwest Territory.  They have also prepared a similar booklet about their own territory.

The students of room three at Parkdale Elementary have created an amazing Virtual Pioneer Museum.  Check it often for updates and amazing information about pioneers and the stories that artifacts can tell.

This idea was inspired by our friends at University Park elementary in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Check out their amazing "Virtual Alaska Room" to see the amazing work they have done.  Click below to enter their incredible accomplishment.  

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Our Virtual Pioneer Museum 

Some amazing Alberta Links!

Links between Nations: The First Nations People of Alberta and the Inuit of the Arctic by Woodbine Elementary and Canyon Meadows Elementary


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