Our Trip

In the year 2001, there was a grade 3 class of 27 who went to Stephen Avenue in Calgary, Alberta. We went here because we are studying about the history of Calgary and these are some of the oldest sandstone and limestone buildings in the city. We went on a delightful field trip on a school bus. It was a sunny, warm day in the fall. The trees were super green.

We entered a huge building called the Glenbow Museum and looked at old pioneer things like: a women's dress, bow and arrow, pioneer on a horse, old fashion iron, and an old fashioned washing machine. After lunch we went looking at all the old buildings along Stephen Avenue. It was very interesting to see these old buildings. It was also cool to see the places where famous Calgarians may have gone in the past.

Let's go see Stephen Avenue

Our Website

We made this website to show you what we are learning about Calgary's past. In here you will see:
· Pictures of the real buildings
· Our drawings of these old buildings
· Faces of famous Calgarians from the past
· Stories we wrote about these people

We really liked going on the field trip and drawing the buildings. It was also neat to see all the old sandstone and limestone buildings.

We hope that a lot of people from different countries will see this website and it will tell them information about Calgary's past.

A note from the teachers:

Welcome to our Virtual Tour of Stephen Avenue in Calgary, Alberta. We hope you find our website informative and entertaining. Please send us an email with your comments and questions. This makes the experience for the students even more rewarding. Thanks.