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 Resources on Mars

When people started living on Mars there was no trees so they didn't know how to make houses. So a scientist Bobby Joe came up with an idea that people could live in craters instead of bringing wood/trees from Earth.

Some people think the idea is crazy but it is actually a great resource to use. We would use a heavy metal plate to put on the roof so nobody could get in and you would be protected from storms and Dust Devils.

Fred says, "I am actually living in one of the craters. It is really neat but, at winter, the metal plate we use to cover the top of our house freezes and in the summer the metal plate heats up like crazy.

Sarah Smith says, "I just moved here a week ago and the temperatures are already varying. Some days are scorching hot and when you wake up the next morning you look outside and there is snow outside your window and the temperature being -20 outside.

I personally as the reporter living on Mars like the changes of weather. I think it is quite unique. So you never know if it is going to be a summer day or a winter day. When you go shopping you have to buy both shorts and pants because of the weather changes outside on Mars."