Valentines Day Space Sale


Valentine's Day Space Sale!!!

These coupons are for the celebration when the astronauts come home!!! Astronauts are welcome to come to the celebration and can buy some items.

Heart Space Suit !!!

50% off

Price: $ 20, 000 000

Includes a air tank, jet powered backpack and safety rope.

Extra Space Equipment

20% off

Price: $ 38.00

Includes safety rope, helmet to block sun rays and thin flexible gloves .

Heart Shaped Crackers

10% off

Price: $ 7.00

Heart Shaped Crackers and a suprise food that can never rot or turn bad!!!


45% off

Price: $ 100.00

Sixty-eight different kinds of food and drinks that never turn bad.


75% off


A big battery for the refrigerator.


50% off

Price: $ 50.00

A telescope to see the planets