The Martian Sky: Our Observation and Opinions!
The MOS's Opinion on the Sky
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Question: Why is the sky of Mars not always red?

Answer: The sky of Mars is not red most of the times. The dust storms that occur on the surface of Mars make the sky seem red, thus giving it the name 'Red Planet'.

Question: Are the two moons of Mars really moons, or are they small planets?

Answer: Some people believe that they are small asteroids, which have been pulled into the orbit of Mars by its gravitational pull. Others believe that these two moons have been already there and are small planets. The answer to this question is not entirely known.

Question: Does the surface of Mars have craters like the Earth's moon?

Answer: Actually, Mars has way more craters than Earth's moon, probably because it has a larger surface area, making it an easier target for hurtling asteroids.

Question: Does the Earth have craters?

Answer: The surface of Earth does not have many craters, but, however, there still are a few. Bigger asteroids that have made their way into our atmosphere only make the craters.

Now, you are probably wondering why only big asteroids can come into our atmosphere? Well, the correct answer is that because the Earth's atmosphere is what we call a 'Goldilocks' atmosphere. This term means that the atmosphere is just right for beings to live on Earth. This term also goes for Mars. Anyway, big asteroids can only pass through our atmosphere on Earth because part of it burns out in the atmosphere, making it a smaller meteoroid when it hits the ground.

Question: If Mars has a 'Goldilocks' atmosphere, why can't people live on Mars?

Answer: Actually people do live on Mars, just in space domes and other facilities. In the winter, Mars can get below -104°C, and people aren't ready for extreme temperatures. Also, there is more CO2 than O2, so it would be a lot harder to breathe on Mars than it is to breathe on Earth.