Why Mars?



Julie Davidson questions the ad on the lottery ticket to Mars. Julie quotes, "Who would go there? It's freezing! I wouldn't pay to spend a summer vacation on a frozen planet. On top of that you pay a million dollars for a lottery ticket, and you don't even know if you're going to win." Mars is indeed a cold planet, studies show that during the winter months temperatures can drop down to about -124 C. Normal temperatures are usually around -32 F.

However some other people think differently. Robert Frezing quotes, " I think it would be wonderful, away from work and 199 days of summer vacation." Mars has a long summer, more than twice as long as on earth. On earth we only have 94 days. "Winter is a lot shorter than summer is because there is a 'bulge' on Mars, which changes the rotation of the planet. Mars is on an axis just like earth is, we're really close and there are not many major differences," Robert Frezing comments. Mars takes 687 earth days to go around the sun to make a complete year.

"I don't care what some people say, all I'm worried about is my safety," Julie comments. She is worried about the dust storms and other extreme natural disasters. Scientists say that most extreme dust storms usually occur in the winter. "I'm worried about the ones that come at you at 320 km per hour."

Julie Davidson has other ideas for her summer vacation. She is planning to go to Jamaica. " I would rather not spend 1 million dollars on a lottery ticket. What are the chances of winning?"