Earth VS. Mars, a Coincidence? I think Not!


Did you ever wonder where you would go if the Earth's resources ran out? My colleague and I have been doing extensive research on the similarities between Mars and Earth. Here is what we found:
Well, if the resources ran out we would probably move to Mars because it is the most like Earth. It has polar icecaps, which means that there was once some water on Mars. There are also signs of water from dry riverbeds and canyons. It also has seasons a lot like Earth's. That is because Mars rotates on a tilted axis just like Earth. The year on Mars is longer then the ones on Earth. The day is 24 hours and 37 minutes. Unlike Earth, Mars has two moons. They are called Phobos and Deimos.
Earth is about two times the size of Mars. Unlike Earth, Mars has no plate tectonics, but they still have active volcanoes. Mars travels 24.13 km per second. 13 seconds slower than Earth.
"The Earth looks like a big over-sized ball compared to Mars. I wonder why the Earth is so much bigger than Mars." My other colleague wonders on May 19 2020. I also wonder this as I look at the other differences. If you compare the two planets you would find that there are a lot of similarities and differences. The two planets both have a different story to tell.