Mars Major Events

Astronuat falls into big crater!

An astronaut falls into a big crater. This was caused by a dust storm.

 Easy Lifting

An astronaut lifted a weight of 1316 lbs!Come and look

Living on Mars

Astronauts have found out that living on Mars is not easy. There are huge volcanoes and valleys.

Broken Machinery threatens Mars Mission

A broken down Co2 converter in their water meter.....

Mutiny on Mars

The astronauts spilt into two groups and put on their airtight siuts for futher exploration of the Planet. One group headed North and one group headed South.

olypmpus mons challenges Astrounauts on mars

Twelve astrounauts that are researching mars were sent to Olympus mons collect cooled lava samples.

Mars polar lander Mia

The mars polar lander is missing in action.

Astrounaut survives trip to mars

Astronauts survive a killer dust storm. 

Weekly News on Mars

Living on mars is now a little easier. Instead of bringing wood from earth people can live in craters with metal sheets fro roofs. 

Astronaut falls off olympus mons

Astrounauts fall off olympus mons after a unexecpeted eruption.

Astronauts surivive six days in crater

 Astrounauts ship gets blown over and they get blown over and they jump out into a crater.