Living on mars


 June 21, 2080

Last week the two astronauts have reported back the following information.

The astronauts have found out that living on Mars is not simple. Although Mars might be one of the easiest planets to live on, nobody has survived on Mars for a very long time.

If we were living on Mars it would not be as hard as we thought, it might be because on Mars there are deep valleys and volcanoes. So it would be almost the same as living on earth.

If we were living on Mars we would have a longer day time because it takes Mars 24 hours and 37 minutes to spin on its own axis once, but it only takes earth 24 hours for it to spin on its own axis once. (Earth time.) It also takes Mars 687 days for it to spin around the sun once so they have a longer year. And that is about two Earth years.

Mars has a very thin atmosphere because it is made up of as much as 95% of carbon dioxide and small amounts of other gases including argon and nitrogen. So it is pretty hard to support life on Mars such as human and animals.

The same as earth Mars also has seasons. The seasons will always be longer on Mars because every season on Mars is about six months long. So if we were living on Mars we will have a longer spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each season on Earth is only about 3 months long.

If we were living on Mars it would be quite strange because there are two moons. They are called Phobos and Deimos they are both yellow like any other moon except they are not as bright.

If you wanted to live on Mars you would have to bring your own water, but it is supremely cold there. If we were living on Mars would have to get use to the weather because the weather is usually cold and always changing there are swirling clouds, morning mist, and raging dust storms.

Mars is one of the smallest planets in space. It is the fourth planet in space and can fit into earth about seven times. It is commonly known as the red planet. There are patches of hydrogen within the meter of the surface.

The picture below is the Twin Peaks.Can you see how dry it is?