Easy Lifting


  Last night at the Martian Gym, Peter Carter, one of the astronauts lifted a weight of 1316lbs! He accomplished this in front of several people, including his other astronaut buddies. Back on Earth, he could only lift 500lbs but since Mars has less gravity, of course he could do that! Even a child could lift what would be fifty pounds on Earth on Mars. That would only be 19lbs!

We interviewed several people who were at the gym at the time the unbelievable happened. John Benton, one of the astronauts said, "We didn't think he could do it. His face was full of sweat."

Eric McCormick, the gym owner said, "I was so astonished when he did that, back on Earth the most I'd seen was 475lbs! I almost fainted of excitement!"

"His mother would be so happy to see this day, but unfortunately, she's with God now," quotes his brother Sam Carter who is back on Earth. "I just wish the rest of our siblings were still living in Canada instead of around the world."

What is gravity? Some people ask. Well, gravity, for all those not so smart people, is the force that keeps houses on the ground, food on the tables, water in the glasses and so on.

The reason why anything on Mars weighs less is because Mars is smaller than Earth so there is less density, therefore the gravity is not as much as Earth's. On Mars to find out how much you would weigh you just multiply your weight by 0.38 and there you go! That's your weight on Mars. We asked several people back on Earth what they thought about this and this is what they said.

"Really? Would I ever want to live there!" says 27 year-old Linda Olsen, "I wouldn't ever have to diet!"

"I would start eating a lot on Earth then move to Mars," says 38 year-old Tom Goodwin, "so I wouldn't gain an ounce."

"Wow!" quotes 13 year-old Sami Jensen. "That's a good way to lose weight! Maybe I'll go there instead of dieting, hope my mom will let me!"