Broken Machinery Threatens Mars Mission


 Broken Machinery Threatens Mars Mission
The astronauts on mars can breath a little easier today due to help from NASA. Last Thursday the astronauts found the oxygen levels were very low. Immediately they strapped on emergency breath masks but the oxygen level did not rise again. Checking the equipment Lt. John Yeager found that the precious Co2 converter was not working. With out the Co2 converter the astronauts had nothing to turn the Co2 atmosphere of Mars into breathable air. Upon further investigation he realized the compressor rings had worn out. NASA immediately sent their latest converter towards Mars. For six months the astronauts will wait for the new converter but are much happier knowing help is on the way. Beside the broken down Co2 converter is their water melter. It digs deep into the earth to use under ground water. For food the astronauts are confined to dried packets of soup and vegetables. Another on the seemingly endless list of problems is the high UV ray level. The levels are so high the people at NASA took months developing the shielded space suits and habitats. Before the manned

May 20/02
Missions small robots explored the surface to gather data involving the possibility of future missions to Mars. The fist of these was the Mars pathfinder (below) launched in the year 1997. It operated from the lander and only traveled 100m. Small bulldozers later dug the foundations for the settlement where the astronauts currently live.



The Mars Pathfinder robot leaving the lander
The small bulldozers digging the foundations for a settlement.