astronauts survives trip to mars


 Astronauts Survive Trip to Mars

The dust storm zoomed across the planet rapidly. The twelve surviving astronauts floated towards the spacecraft near the cave. Slipping into the portal of the spacecraft one by one. Then, the last astronaut slammed the door shut. One of the astronauts took a glimpse out of the dirty window covered up with dust. For many years, astronauts had try to discover if there is any life on the "red planet" and how dust storms are created. Is it really true? Is there really life on Mars? The mission of the twelve astronauts is to find out about the monstrous volcano: Olympus Mons, to examine the deadly storms on Mars and to find out if there are any life on Mars.

Hungry astronauts took out a cold but smoked turkey, can of nuts, freeze-dried strawberries, cans of orange/lemon juice out of the tiny refrigerator while another astronaut boiled the water to heat up a small, smoked turkey. Many other kind of foods are bought to eat during this dangerous trip such as cereal, hot-dog sauce, canned goods, juice, candy, gonola bars, crackers, Coke/Pepsi, pickles and coffee. Many astronauts crave for wine but there are none. Different kinds of medicine are also bought to help astronauts to feel better in the different environment. After this enormous feast all twelve brave astronauts continue their dangerous mission to research the deadly dust storms.

While climbing the monstrous volcano, Olympus Mons, a dust storm whirled itself towards the twelve astronauts. All twelve astronauts not knowing the storm was moving towards them kept climbing up the volcano. When they were half way up, the storm had already arrived. The wind blew with all its might while each astronaut held on to dear life. The whole bunch gripped onto their rope. The roaring wind shifted to the left pushing the rope. Then suddenly, one of the astronauts lost grip and slipped but lucky enough another astronaut got hold of him just in time. Oh no, the air tank in the back of the spacesuit was running out of air. There was only 6 minutes of time. The layers of materials in the spacesuit were causing the astronauts to sweat. The helmet seemed to swish form side to side and the flexible gloves felt like they were slipping off. Then an astronaut shouted out to the others to keep on climbing. Luckily, the whirl of dust had traveled away by 4 minutes. They slid down the rope that attached to the volcano and ran all the way to the spacecraft. The astronauts gasped for air as they took off their spacesuits.

"I've never experienced anything like this, it's a total catastrophe," said Bill Smith, an astronaut who survived the risk-taking trip.

"It's impossible, it's monstrous," Mike Thompson, another astronaut who also survived the deadly storm that traveled ¾ around the planet.