Astronate Falls Off Olympus Mons



 Astronauts fall off Olympus Mons

On February 14, 2020 three astronauts were studying the Volcano: Olympus Mons. While performing experiments an unexpected eruption shook the astronauts off the volcano hard enough to make them fall. Since the gravity on Mars is 1/3 of Earth's, the astronauts expierinced an easy fall and only suffered a broken wrist and a couple of scrapes and bruises. One of the astronauts himself was heard saying, "This massive eruption knocked us off the volcano but thanks to Mars's gravity we survived!"

"If Isaac Newton was on Mars he would barely feel the apple!" said astronaut Bill Bobo.

All the astronauts were feeling lucky.
"If we were on that volcano on Earth when that eruption happened it would've surely killed us," explained Jim Jimjim.