Astronaut falls into Big crater


 On May 20, 2020 Bob Jo fell into a crater. The fall was caused by a small red dust storm. Three percent carbonate and 10-15% of sulfates created the dust storm. Bob Jo could not see the storm so he did not know it was coming. It happened when he was examining the crater. He was in there for hours until Fred Smith noticed he was missing. The crater was very wide, but not deep. When they found him they were able to get him out quickly and he wasn't hurt. When he was feeling better from the shock he showed us what he had collected when he fell in the crater. He had collected iron rich clay! The clay has precious minerals in it.

Fred Smith here has something to say about this all. "This was a terrifying experience for all of us. We had no idea where he was."

"I had no idea what was happening. I heard Fred calling me, but I couldn't run from whatever was pulling on me. When the spinning sensation was over, I was in a dark place. I felt around me and found something. I had my flashlight with me so I took it out. I looked in my hand and found some type of clay. I had no idea how long I was there for. I was calling for help for most of it. I finally stopped calling, because my throat started hurting. After a while Fred Smith started calling my name. I started calling again. He finally found me. He found some rope and pulled me out," Bob told us.

"We decided that we would go back in to the crater and get some more clay. We could then bring it back to earth and examine it," Jo Cortez said.