by Nicholas and Stephanie

Appalachian Region


Did you ever wonder why people live where they live? The purpose of this report is to explain why people live where they live in Canada. In order to answer this question, we researched the various geographical regions of Canada to find this out. We examined the geography, climate, vegetation, wildlife, occupations, sport and recreation and the people of these regions. This report will focus on the Appalachian region of Canada.


The Appalachian region of Canada is located in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and the eastern part of Quebec. The region has many interesting landforms. Some of the landforms found in this region are low mountains, flat uplands, forests, rocky cliffs, and many islands.


The climate of the region varies throughout the year. In the summer it's not too hot. In the winter it's not too cold. The climate in the Appalachian region can be described as cool and wet for most of the year.


There is a variety of vegetation that grows in the Appalachian region. The vegetation includes mixed forests. Mixed forests have deciduous trees and coniferous trees. Dead maples, Star flowers, violets, aspen, mountain ash, red spruce, white pine, hemlock, apple trees and sugar maple trees can be found in this region.


A variety of wildlife can be found throughout the Appalachian region. Some of the animals includes moose, beavers, Black bears, Red Wing Black birds, white tailed deer, Blue Jays, raccoons, Blue Whales, and the Eastern Bluebirds. These animals make this region there home because this place has lot's of trees and water to provide a good habitat.


There are many interesting occupations found in the Appalachian region. Some of major occupations are found in the farming, fishing, forestry, and mining (coal and oil resources) industries. These occupations provide the people with food and homes.

Sports and Recreation

The Appalachian region offers a variety of sport and recreational activities. Sporting and recreational activities include whale watching, fishing, lobster netting, hunting, hiking, visiting historical sites, and tourism.


Many of the people in the Appalachian region live in small communities. In Newfoundland and Labrador the top 5 cultures are Canadian, English, Irish, Scottish and French. In Prince Edward Island the top 5 cultures are Canadian, Scottish, English, Irish and French. In Nova Scotia the top 5 cultures are the same as Prince Edward Island. In New Brunswick the top 5 cultures are Canadian, French, English, Irish and Scottish. As you can see there are a wide variety of cultural groups that live in this region.


Why have people chosen to live in the Appalachian region of Canada? There are many reasons why. Some of these reasons include: very good seafood, good sports and recreation and good money for jobs in forestry and mining. As you can see, the Appalachian region has much to offer to the people who chose to live there.

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