Our Big Question

Why did people come to live in Alberta, where did they come from, and what did they bring with them?

While studying the history of Alberta, two grade 4 classes at G. W. Skene Elementary School in Calgary, Alberta, Canada began to question why people came to Alberta, where they came from, and what did they bring with them. In order to find answers to these questions, it was decided that it was important to begin by understanding the students' own family histories.

Students interviewed family members and prepared a short report on their family history. Along with their family histories, special family artifacts were also presented. We decided we needed a place to share our family artifacts, therefore our Cultural Family Artifact Museum was created.

Our virtual museum was created using QuickTime Virtual Reality technology.

We hope you enjoy our museum and will contact us to share your family stories, questions or comments.

Our Cultural Family Artifact Museum


Hold down the mouse button and drag the mouse over the picture to direct yourself through our Virtual Cultural Family Artifact Museum. Use the Shift key to zoom in and the Control key to zoom out. When you see a small hand appear on an artifact, click the mouse button and some information will appear.

If you are having problems viewing our movie, download QuickTime Player version 4.0 or later.

Authors: K. Wajda, P. Jordan, K. Onushko, R. Howell and their students

Last modified March 4, 2004

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