Parkland Region

by Parveen and Lisa

Parkland Region


Did you ever wonder why people live where they live? The purpose of this report is to explain why people live where they live in Alberta. In order to answer this question, we researched the various geographical regions of Alberta to find this out. We examined the geography, climate, vegetation, wildlife, occupations, sport and recreation and the people of these regions. This report will focus on the Parkland region of Alberta.


The Parkland region of Alberta is located in central eastern Alberta. The region has many interesting landforms. Some landforms are: woodlands, grasslands, shrublands, wetlands, badlands and hoodoos. Large bodies of water are Sullivan Lake, Battle Lake and Red Deer Lake. The three largest cities found in this region are Edmonton, Leduc and Red Deer. The landscape of the Parkland region can be described as grassy and shrubby with green meadows.


The climate of the Parkland region varies throughout the year. Summers are short and warm. Winters are long and cold. The climate in the Parkland region can be described as having dry air and plenty of sunshine.


There is a variety of vegetation that grows in the Parkland region. The vegetation includes grasslands and patches of trees. Aspen, willows and Saskatoon bushes grow. This vegetation grows here because this region has lots of sun but not too much rain.


A variety of wildlife can be found throughout the Parkland region. Some of these animals include ducks, hens, buffalo, antelopes, Canadian geese, trumpeter swans, beavers, shore birds, coyotes, white tailed weasels, and burrow owls. These animals make this region their home because the landscape, food and weather are perfect for them.


There are many interesting occupations found in the Parkland region. Some of these occupations are farming, oil and natural gas, tourism, government jobs and ranching. These occupations provide the people with money.

Sports and Recreation

There are lots of sports in the Parkland region. The sports in the Parkland region are hockey, football, canoeing, rafting, hiking, and horseback riding. People take part in these activities because there is a lot of sunshine and outdoor space.


Why have people chosen to live in the Parkland region of Alberta? There are many reasons why. Some of these reasons include the sunny weather, the good soil for farming, the many recreational opportunities and the many animals. As you can see, the Parkland region has much to offer to the people who choose to live there.

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