Mountain Region

by Annie, Brandon and Steve

Rocky Mountain Region


Did you ever wonder why people live where they live? The purpose of this report is to explain why people live where they live in Alberta. In order to answer this question, we researched the various geographical regions of Alberta to find this out. We examined the geography, climate, vegetation, wildlife, occupations, sport and recreation and the people of these regions. This report will focus on the Rocky Mountain region of Alberta.


The Mountain region of Alberta is located in the west of Alberta. The region has many interesting landforms. Some landforms found in this region are mountains and valleys. The landscape of the Rocky Mountain region can be described as being rocky, with lots of mountains and trees.


The climate of the Rocky Mountain region varies throughout the year, and throughout the region. In the higher regions there is snow and it can be very cold. The highest mountains have snowstorms even in the summer. The general climate of the mountain region is most affected by the west wind. The climate in the mountain region throughout the year can be described as hot or cold, wet or dry, windy, rainy or snowy.

Sports and Recreation

The Rocky Mountain region offers a variety of sport and recreational activities. Sporting and recreational activities include hiking, climbing, making snow forts, having snowball fights, skating, ice fishing, skiing and snowboarding. These are popular activities in this region because there are lots of mountains and in the winter there is lots of snow.


There is a variety of vegetation that grows in the Rocky Mountain region. The vegetation includes trees, grasses, and flowers. Some examples are: Heartleaf Amica, White Mountain Avens, Yellow Dryad Seed Heads, Beardtongue, Bunch Berry Chalice Flower, False Dandelion, Fern and Lichen, Fireweed, Cotton Grass, Lupine Leaf, Mushrooms, Evergreen trees, White Birch trees, and Trembling Aspen trees. The vegetation grows here because the Rocky Mountains have the right amount of water and sunshine for the plants to grow.


A variety of wildlife can be found throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Some of these animals include: Woodland Caribou, Grizzly Bears, Wolverines, Cooper's Hawks, The Great Gray Owls, Mountain Goats, the Ruffed Goats, Bighorn Sheep, Cougars, Mountain Lions, Elk, Hoary Marmots, Clark's Nutcracker, Snowshoe Rabbits and Barn Swallows. These animals make this region their homes because they can find food easily and there are lots of trees and mountains for their homes.


There are many interesting occupations found in the Mountain region. Some of the major occupations are in the government ( park rangers), mining industry, and tourist industry. Some of these occupations protect the park and give the people somewhere to go for a visit.


Many of the people live in small communities. Three of the largest communities in the Rocky Mountain region are Lake Louise, Banff, and Jasper. Some of the larger cultural groups include Canadians, English and Germans. There are a wide variety of cultural groups that live in this region.


Why have people chosen to live in the Rocky Mountain region of Alberta?
There are many reasons why. Some of these reasons include: the weather of this region provides lots of snow for great skiing and other winter sports; there are many beautiful animals to see or hunt; the mountain scenery is beautiful; there are jobs available; the sports and recreation are fun to play.
As you can see, the region has much to offer to the people who chose to live there.


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