Boreal Forest

by Sarah and Kole

Boreal Forest Region


Did you ever wonder why people live where they live? The purpose of this report is to explain why people live where they live in Alberta. In order to answer this question, we researched the various geographical regions of Alberta to find this out. We examined the geography, climate, vegetation, wildlife, occupations, sport and recreation, and the people of these regions. This report will focus on the Boreal Forest region of Alberta.


The Boreal Forest region of Alberta is located in the northern part of the province. The region has many interesting landforms. Some of the landforms found in this region are forests, valleys, lowlands, hills, mountains, plains and muskeg. Large bodies of water can also be found in this region. They include the Peace River, the Athabasca River and the Slave Lake. The landscape of the Boreal Forest region can be described as very grassy with different forests separating the grassy areas.


A variety of wildlife can be found throughout the Boreal Forest region. Some of these animals include some moose. You can also find caribou, wolves, bison and whooping cranes. These animals make this region their home because there is food available and the wolves have nice little dens to protect themselves.


The climate of the Boreal Forest region varies throughout the year. Summers are rainy and there is less summer heat than in other regions of Alberta. There are longer winters and they are colder. The climate in the Boreal Forest can be described as having shorter summers and longer winters.


There is a variety of vegetation that grows in the Boreal Forest region. The vegetation includes coniferous trees, deciduous trees, grasses and wild flowers. This vegetation grows here because there is just enough water and sunlight for them.


There are many interesting occupations found in the Boreal Forest region. Some of them are in forestry, oil and gas and the petroleum industry.

Sports and Recreation

The Boreal Forest region offers a variety of sport and recreational activities. Sporting and recreational activities include hunting, fishing, camping, and boating. Hunting is a popular sport because there are a lot of animals in this region.


Many of the people live in small communities. Three of the largest communities are Fort McMurray, Peace River and High Level. Some of the larger cultural groups include Natives.
There are a wide variety of cultural groups that live in this region.


Why have people chosen to live in the Boreal Forest region of Alberta? There are many reasons why. Some of these reasons include they have lots of different trees so that means lots of oxygen. They also have lots of different animals, they have all sorts of flowers, mostly wild flowers and the jobs you can get there are fishing, forestry, mining, oil and gas.
As you can see, the Boreal Forest region is a lovely place to live.

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