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In order to paint a tipi you have to have a special dream. The women set up and own the Otter lodge. At night when the Natives are sleeping and the bad spirits are out, the tipi bells ring and they only let in the good spirits. The tipi always faced east.

The Otter lodge has Otter tails on the outside. Otter pictures show the otter family lodge. The liners help to keep the Indians warm. The pictures on the liner told important stories or events. At the top of the tipi there were 2 adjustable flaps that let smoke out and kept rain from coming

Did you know that the tipi liner kept enemies from seeing them inside the tipi?

Tipi bells are made from hooves. Pegs and rocks were used to hold the otter lodge down. The tipi was warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In the otter lodge the natives slept on animal skin.

The lifelines on the otter lodge means people think right and make good decisions. In the tipi liner there are poles that mean things like love, peace and careful. The otter lodge had 14 foot long poles. You would need 19 poles to make a tipi. There were 16 to 20 buffalo skins on a tipi.

By: Carley Hayley Juliet Julia