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Before the horses the dogs pulled the travios. The dogs were the sizes of a wolf so they were small. They were not used to carry heavy loads. The dogs could only carry small travois.

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The horse carried more than dogs so they started to use horses more. The dogs could only carry small things so when they started using horses the tipi became bigger because they could carry more.
The horses were also used for hunting. The horse and the rifle changed the hunting method. The buffalo horse was used to chase the buffalo. Some chiefs had prized horses for having good skills. The horse is the symbol of health for individuals. The natives were expert horsemen.


The travois could carry men women and children and loads of logs. They could also carry meat and wood. The travois is like an A-shape with logs on it. When they move the natives would sit on the horse or they might sit on the travois or they might walk.

By Lauren T, Jessica and Ryan